1. My copy of the #Deadcuts album as it arrived today: love a personal touch and love these guys! #darkisthenight #giftwrapped #newmusic

  2. Which one is wrong, Manson or Pope Francis? #masters #religion #Shoreditch #loveLondon (at Shoreditch High Street London Overground Station)

  3. Strange man talking to goldfish at #McDonalds. As you do… #FilletOFish #nutters #FishFriend (at McDonald’s)

  4. The press area security guy, still smiling on day 3! (at Reading Festival)

  5. The one and only n.1 tog Will (at Reading Festival)

  6. Absolute top weekend companion, mr Mark Fletcher! (at Reading Festival)

  7. Second top weekend companion, Madame Tuborg! (at Reading Festival)

  8. The selfie challenge continues on the train back with the awesome Chris McCormack! You’ll never beat me Mark Fletcher! (at paddington station)

  9. Rich Jones waiting for arctic monkeys (at Reading Festival)

  10. Natalie subbed for Jon Luis Jones, thank you Natalie! (at Reading Festival)